From its founding on 28 June 1948, when the Yugoslav federal government established a strategic centre for scientific and industrial research, Turboinštitut has grown to become an integral part of hydraulic machine development in this region. It has grown in a country with a long-standing tradition of water turbine design and production (from the mid-19th century). Being an independent institute, without any ownership ties with any turbine or pump producers from its founding to this day, the Institute has been a valuable basic resource for turbines, pumps and ventilator production for many manufacturers. aaDSCF6196 Turboinstitut, Ljubljana For Turboinštitut (TI for brevity), who is present on the world market as a developer and even manufacturer of small hydro-machinery (up to 20 MW), it is very important to stay in touch with the latest technology, research and design in its field. Therefore, TI is not only following the trends, but represents a state-of-the-art player in research and design on the global scale. In 2008, TI bought a supercomputer with 2048 computer cores – at that time the most powerful supercomputer in South Eastern Europe. The new infrastructure allowed TI to explore the possibilities how to draw the numerical simulations near the experimental measurements. In 2013 two employees have finished their PhD study, which means that almost all employees in the BRE (Basic Research & Education) department of TI were in possession of a PhD degree (either of mathematics, physics or mechanical engineering). The latter indicates the importance of knowledge to TI. Although the TI is already performing research in cavitation and in other areas, the Marie Curie IAPP call is a unique opportunity, both for TI and its researchers, to acquire the appropriate knowledge much faster than would be possible by standard research (and thus to gain the needed competitive advantage on world markets). In addition, TI and its researchers would establish strong connections with University of Trieste, which is performing more fundamental scientific research on a similar field of engineering.

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