Dragica Jošt and Aljaž Škerlavaj attended the 7th IAHR International Meeting of the Workgroup Cavitation and Dynamic Problems in Hydraulic Machinery and Systems in Porto, February 1-3, 2017.

Dragica presented the paper

Numerical Prediction of Cavitating Vortex Rope in a Draft Tube of a Francis Turbine with Standard and Calibrated Cavitation Models

Authors: Dragica Jošt, Aljaž Škerlavaj, Mitja Morgut and Enrico Nobile


Transient simulations of flow in a Francis turbine were performed with a goal to predict pressure pulsation frequencies and amplitudes caused by rotating vortex rope at part load operating regime. Simulations were done with the SAS SST turbulence model with curvature correction on basic and refined computational meshes. Without cavitation modelling too small values of frequency and amplitudes were obtained. With mesh refinement the calculated amplitudes were a bit closer to the measured values, while the accuracy of predicted frequency did not improve at all. Agreement between measured and numerical values was significantly improved when cavitation was included in simulations. In addition, the predicted value of the dominant frequency was slightly more accurate when, in the Zwart et al. cavitation model, the default condensation and evaporation model constants were replaced with previously calibrated ones.

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